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Confused about masks? There are basically 2 masks you need


by SmitMask

After more than a year and a half into the pandemic, mask policy should be clearer now and yet it isn’t. Are surgical masks better or not? Should we be wearing fabric or cloth masks? Doctors who emphasize high protection recommend the N95. Environmentalists want us to stop using all disposable masks.

To keep it simple, there are basically two types of masks you should be wearing.

If you are in a “high risk” environment, you should wear the N95 and make sure it is sealed tightly with no gaps. We recommend using medical tape to tape down the gaps, especially on your nose and under the chin. “High risk” environments are places like doctor offices, hospitals, small enclosed spaces shared with many different people that are not well ventilated, where you need to spend a good amount of time.

At other “lower risk” situations, like spacious places with high ceilings and people are keeping their distances, places where windows are open and people are keeping their distances, places that only allow vaccinated people etc., a good comfortable mask suffices.  In this case, we should choose a good reusable mask so as not to contribute to the horrendous mountains of used disposable mask waste that are slowly killing our planet.

A good comfortable reusable mask should be 2 layers of 100% cotton – 2 layers of 100% cotton filter better than surgical masks in humid real-life conditions (see our blogs www.smitmask.com). More layers make it difficult to breathe. Cotton is a natural fiber and does not irritate the skin. Comfort is important to help you keep the mask on. A well-designed 100% cotton mask like SmitMask provides ultimate comfort by reducing/eliminating eyeglass fog, increasing breathability through its special shape, reducing bad odors with its anti-odor material, and enabling a good fit, thereby reducing masking sliding on the face and the need for constant adjustment.

So basically, a great recommendation would be a very comfortable mask like SmitMask for everyday situations, and a tightly sealed N95 for “higher risk” situations. Keep it simple.