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Maskne? Here's a tip that people don't tell you...

Sick of masks irritating your skin and causing acne?  You've probably heard of a new problem called "maskne" by now.  There are various causes.  Chemicals in synthetic fabric in masks, especially surgical masks, cause lots of irritation on your skin.  Even polyester or other synthetic fabrics, when exposed for a longer period on your skin, will also cause irritation.  Even some cotton masks cause irritation because they are not 100% cotton.  Many are cotton-polyester blends or blends of other materials.  And when the mask does not fit well, it slides around your face especially when you speak, rubbing your skin and causing irritation.  Maskne, or "mask acne" is then formed. 

What to do about it?  Most dermatologists recommend masks made with 100% natural materials like cotton or silk, instead of synthetic fabrics like polyester or the plastic in surgical masks.  (Surgical masks are made of plastic and paper.)  If you've been concerned by Maskne, you might have already tried this by now.  Cotton is easier to maintain than silk as silk requires washing with cold water by hand, which means, you need to wash it separately from your regular laundry.  Cotton you can throw in with your regular laundry. 

Another tip that is seldom mentioned is to find a mask that fits well, so that it does not move around when you talk, like SmitMask.  When a mask slides around your face, it creates unnecessary friction on your face, which irritates your skin.  If you've tried different masks, you'll notice that most masks slide around when you speak. This is the cause of discomfort, and irritation.  Try one like SmitMask.  SmitMask is specially designed so that it does not slide around your face when you talk, and it's 100% cotton, and thereby does not cause maskne, or very little of it, if any.  Many people previously suffering from maskne are now happily wearing SmitMasks! 

Additionally, SmitMask does not cause fog (or very minimally), and is also much more breathable than most other masks.  If you have to wear a mask, this is your ultimate everyday mask!  Give it a try! 

by SmitMask  (www.smitmask.com)