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Masks, masks everywhere: oceans & land, a real Eco disaster!

by SmitMask

   Disposable mask found on beach

"More than 1.5 billion masks believed to have entered oceans in 2020"

"Surgical disposable masks take more than 200 years to degrade"

"More masks than jellyfish"

"Wild animals entangled in disposable masks"

"Discarded masks and gloves are becoming a health hazard as people dump them on streets"

"75% of billions of used masks will end up in landfills or in the seas"

You've read the headlines.  Surgical disposable masks, mostly with integrated plastic (polypropylene) are being thrown everywhere and is creating a new crisis for our planet.  Sea life is being threatened, used disposable masks litter our streets and buildings.  It's disgusting and threatening our planet's future.  It's time to switch to non-disposable masks for everyday mask-wearing.

You can wash fabric or cotton masks and re-use them 20-60 times or more.  It might seem more expensive, but if you do the calculations, it's cheaper than disposable masks in the long run.   Do the right thing, switch to non-disposal masks.