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Reality Check- Fit vs Double-Masking

Here are some reports that are heavy on wisdom that don't get enough attention. 

From Forbes, Feb 27, 2021 (1):

"Another factor is compliance. Some people refuse to cover their face — if you can't get those folks to comply with basic guidance to wear one mask, good luck getting them to wear two. Even with the emergence of new Covid variants, it may be tough to convince people to take action: in a poll of 1984 Americans, while 61% support double-masking, only 40% do it, despite thinking it's a good idea.

"Telling the general public they need better masks might alienate some people to the extent that don't bother wearing anything, which is worse for public health.

"As epidemiologist Saskia Popescu says, "Focus on finding one quality mask that meets the mark, versus trying to layer masks and create discomfort, difficulty breathing... or frustration that might lead to no mask at all.""

From The Washington Post, Feb 11, 2021 (2):

"CDC Director Rochelle Walensky acknowledged at a White House briefing Wednesday that some people may be “both tired of hearing about masks as well as tired of wearing them.” She noted that “masks can be cumbersome, they can be inconvenient.”

“The science is clear,” she said. “Everyone needs to be wearing a mask when they’re in public or when they are in their own home but with people who do not live in their household. This is especially true with our ongoing concern about new variants spreading in the United States.”

"Walensky said that research shows that coronavirus infections and deaths have decreased when policies mandating masks are implemented. “With cases, hospitalizations and deaths still very high, now is not the time to roll back mask requirements,” she said.

"The bottom line, she said, is that wearing any type of mask is better than not wearing one at all.

"David Rothamer, an engineering professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, has experimented with masks on mannequins in classrooms while studying the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus in college classes. He said he is not a proponent of double masking because it consumes more masks and can also lead to more air leakage."

If you're sick of masking, and can't bear to hear about double-masking, you are not alone.  As mentioned above, many medical experts concur.  Double-masking might be necessary if you are wearing a very thin and flimsy mask.  But any mask is better than no mask, and best is to choose a good quality comfortable mask that you are happy to wear.  Keep it simple.  Sometimes the simplest solutions make the biggest impact. 

by SmitMask

(1) Forbes Feb 27, 2021 "Which Works Better: A Mask Brace Or Double-Masking?"

(2) Washington Post, Feb 11, 2021, "Masks should fit better or be doubled up to protect against coronavirus variants, CDC says")