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Sick of masks? Try SmitMask

Joe Biden has launched a challenge to find solutions for good masks.  After months of asking people to mask up and double mask, are the authorities finally realizing that for people to mask up, they will need to have a very comfortable mask?  That is exactly why SmitMask was designed!  

An everyday mask, doesn't have to be perfect.  It does not need to perform like the N95.  That's why it's called an everyday mask.  If people have a comfortable mask that they can wear, they'll wear it everyday!  SmitMask does not give you most of the problems you have with other masks - irritation, eyeglass fog, maskne, or difficulty breathing.  If you try SmitMask after wearing other masks, you'll feel like you're not wearing a mask at all!  (actual quote by one user)  If you have a mask like that, you'll probably be more willing to wear it everyday and for longer periods of time.  Give SmitMask a try! 

by SmitMask