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Vaccines are coming, but masks are not going away...just yet

Vaccines will take several months to roll out.  Many experts agree masks will be required for many months more at least throughout 2021.  Choosing a comfortable mask will make it easier to wear masks for a longer time.

Will the virus be eradicated? Maybe, maybe not.  It could be like the flu - it comes every year in a different mutation.

Whatever the case, a new normal is developing - wear masks when you are sick, like in many Asian countries, to avoid spreading your illness to others.  This might become the new normal especially during flu season in the winter when people are in enclosed spaces. For example, CDC's new message to fight the flu is: Mask Up, Lather Up, Sleeve Up!

People's psyche's are not the same anymore.  When someone sneezes close to you without a mask, it's not acceptable anymore.

A new normal isn't so bad - thanks to masks, gel, and social distancing, flu cases and stomach flu cases have gone down significantly.  There is some good from the new normal!

by SmitMask