Specially designed by MIT-grad for family. Made in Taiwan. Free shipping with 3 or more (continental US).

Our Story

SmitMask started when an MIT graduated product design engineer could not find a mask on the market that was bearable to wear for any extended period of time.  With her product design expertise, she started designing the most comfortable mask that she and her friends and family would want to wear. 

After rounds of tests and modifications, plus integrating data from tons of scientific reports and experiments, the result is the patent-pending SmitMask -- an extra-breathable mask specially designed to naturally fit the contours of the human face.  Not too loose and not too tight, the SmitMask fits perfectly snug on the face, keeping the nose and mouth covered at all times, while not fogging up your glasses, squashing your nose, or sticking to your mouth.  Unlike most other masks, it does not slip when you talk, so you won't have to constantly pull it back into position.  The anti-odor fabric keeps the Smit Mask feeling fresh for much longer, making it even more pleasant to wear.  It's the only mask that she and her family and friends will wear these days. 

We hope to share the benefits of this very comfortable mask so that everybody will be willing to wear a mask and keep it on when near others.

We hope you enjoy the SmitMask, designed out of love and concern for family, friends and the community and that we all join together in the fight to help stop the spread of the virus.