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Science behind SmitMask

These are some of the reports that form the science behind the design of SmitMasks:

2-layer 100% Cotton Masks better than Surgical Masks in Real-World conditions "What's Inside All Those Masks?" (Washington Post, 2021 Mar 29, citing report from National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Smithsonian’s Museum Conservation Institute)

"New Research Shows Masks and Ventilation Stop COVID Spread Better Than Social Distancing" ( 2021 

2021 May 13)

American Institute of Physics: any mask stops more than 97% of droplets, 2020

"We conducted the largest study on masks and covid-19: They work" (Washing Post, 2021 Sep 9)

CDC calls on Americans to wear masks to prevent Covid

CDC recommendations on masks, Dec 16, 2020

CDC: cloth masks are primarily for source control, Nov 20, 2020

Choosing masks - 2 layers is the best compromise, 2020

NYT: Coronavirus is airborne, 2020

NYT: Masks are for source control, 2020

Duke University Health: visual proof that masks block droplets, 2020

Efficacy of face masks, neck gaiters, 2020

Hong Kong University researcher: surgical masks efficacy about 20% (2020)

John Hopkins Health reports

Masks, like tests, don't have to be perfect, 2020

MIT: a selfish argument for face masks, 2020

MIT Technology Review: Coronavirus airborne, need masks, 2020

MIT Technology Review: Immunity to Covid-19 could disappear in months

NBC: CDC studies prove face coverings slow coronavirus spread

NPR: Mask mandates work to slow spread of coronavirus

Oxford University study: face coverings work- act now, 2020

Popular Mechanics: video with flame effects of masks, 2020

Try to listen to those who don't wear masks

Coronavirus: Fresh air "forgotten weapon" in fight

MIT Mechanical Engineering Research: Covid Sneeze patterns

MIT Technology Review: Is it safe to send kids back to school?

Taiwanese-American invented the N95 mask 

7 things to know about wearing masks and staying safe at your Thanksgiving gathering

New York Times: 239 Experts with 1 Big Claim Covid is Airborne

MIT Technology Review: Lancet report on face masks, 2020 June 1

Surgical masks in UK generate 66,000 tons of plastic yearly, 2020 June 7

Washington Post: Several new studies support wearing masks to control coronavirus spread, 2020 June 13

Survey of mask use in different countries, 2020 June 28

Taiwan is country that best managed Covid crisis, 2021 Jan 25

Forbes: better focus on one quality mask, 2021 Feb 11

N95 badly fitted is the same as a cloth mask, 2021 Feb 28

A doctor's simple experiment demonstrates why you need to wear a face mask