Specially designed by MIT-grad for family. Made in Taiwan. Free shipping with 3 or more (continental US).

Why SmitMask is Best Value

SmitMask is anti-odor and can be washed less frequently than other cotton masks. 

Eg. If you wash it after 5 wearings, it will last you 5 times longer than other similar good quality cotton masks.  If you wash it after 10 wearings, it will last you 10 times longer than other cotton masks.

If a good disposable mask costs 50c, this mask costs the equivalent of 30 disposable masks, but under normal use, the Smit Mask can last you many many more than 30 wearings.

The SmitMask is more economical in the long run. 

And it's much more comfortable! (no fog, no irritation, breathability etc.)