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Why SmitMask is Best Mask

Indeed, "the best quality mask is frankly the one that you wear the right way for the longest amount of time when you're interacting with other people," said Cameron Wolfe, an infectious diseases expert and an associate professor of medicine at the Duke University School of Medicine.  (NBC News, Jan 28, 2021)

There is a lot of talk about masks with better filtration, multiple layers, double-masking.  These are all great ideas if you are willing to wear these masks all the time when you are near people in everyday situations.  However, many people have trouble breathing in these "high filtration" masks; or they get skin irritation; or their glasses get fogged up.  Furthermore, these masks are not tight-fitting and air goes in mostly through the gaps on the sides and don't fully protect the wearer. 

In everyday situations, the best mask is the one that you are willing to wear the whole time you are near other people, without having to move or touch it.   It needs to cover your nose and mouth at all times.  If you are suffocating in a mask, or getting really irritated (many masks slide around when you talk), you'll end up taking it off or wearing it under your nose, or moving it, and that defeats the whole purpose of the mask. 

"I worry more about people wearing masks down on their chins, not covering their mouths and noses, than I do about what the mask is made of," said Dr. Richard Besser, president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and a former acting director of the CDC. (NBC News, Jan 28, 2021)

"You could have a very good N95 mask, but let's say that somebody isn't wearing it properly or is only wearing it 50 percent of the time," "I would rather that someone wear a surgical mask or cloth mask 100 percent of the time, correctly and consistently."  Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and former health commissioner for Baltimore. (NBC News (Jan 28, 2021)

For everybody in the community to be protected, while social-distancing and ventilating enclosed spaces as much as possible, it matters less if the mask has super high filtration properties, as long as everybody is wearing a decent mask covering the nose and mouth consistently (the CDC recommends a minimum of 2 layers of fabric).  It is therefore, much more important to wear a mask that you are comfortable with and that you are willing to wear all the time, and making sure that everybody around you does the same, than to pick one with high filtration which you then end up taking off part of the time!

Note: If you are going to be in a fully enclosed space with little ventilation for a long period with others around, we recommend wearing an N95 tightly sealed - you can use medical tape to tape down all the gaps to your face - for the duration that you are there.